Iain O'Cain
9828 - 83 Ave.    Edmonton, AB T6E 2B7    (780) 439-4638

To work on challenging and rewarding projects which exercise my abilities.


Professional Experience


Consultant Jul. 2001 - Dec. 2003
Netity Solutions Edmonton, Alberta
Configured Linux and OpenBSD servers for web, email, and firewall deployments for various small and medium businesses.
Researched solutions for reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in small and medium business IT solutions. Prepared and delivered demos of thin-client computing solutions based on Linux.

Consultant - Web Team Feb. 2001 - May. 2001
Telus Advanced Communications Edmonton, Alberta
Investigated and reported on feasibility of deploying ASP, JSP, or PHP scripting for use by hosted web site customers on Sun Solaris systems. This involved careful examination of security and administration features in the Chilisoft and Halcyon ASP offerings.
Tested web server support of LDAP authentication. The Web, Email, and other teams were migrating from NIS. We met weekly to discuss migration status and successfully deployed the new solution on schedule.
Participated in weekly Web Team meetings, learning details of the environment and offering suggestions on difficult problems brought up by teammates.Participated in weekly Web Team meetings, learning details of the environment and offering suggestions on difficult problems brought up by teammates.

Senior Network Administrator Feb. 2000 - Dec. 2000
OA Internet Edmonton, Alberta
Managed internet services on the core FreeBSD and Linux systems, serving OA Internet's customer base of over 20,000. Installed new systems and services. Supervised junior technical staff on tasks requiring substantial analysis and planning. Coordinated with other system and network administrators to complete complex tasks.
Identified potential savings in support from deploying a unified platform. Determined suitability of Debian GNU/Linux for this environment, and focused team efforts on that platform. Implemented new mail server and backup systems to conform with uniform deployment of Debian GNU/Linux. Designed system cluster for authentication and mail, with support for migration of other services.

Senior Consultant Oct. 1997 - Jan. 2000
GDS & Associates Systems, Ltd. Edmonton, Alberta
For GDS client Telus Advanced Communications, managed Sun UNIX servers for development of a billing system, coordinated with project teams and vendors to resolve issues. On the Sun Ultra 450 and Enterprise 3000 servers, introduced developers to the Concurrent Versions System (CVS) and other open source development tools, configured Kenan Arbor/BP software and raw partitions for Sybase dataservers, set up IBM SSA to share drives between systems for high availability in a production environment.
For Government of Canada, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, developed Scan/Imaging interface for GDS LIMS system.
For GDS hosted client web servers, established firewall security with port forwarding under Linux.
Internally, as Technical Infrastructure Director, analyzed, designed and implemented technical infrastructure for multiple offices. This included set up of high-speed Internet access for multiple offices across Western Canada with Linux IP Masquerading firewall servers, DHCP services for each office, online documentation via Apache web server, and systems administration for Microsoft Windows NT, Novell, and Linux systems.

Instructor Jun. 1999
Northern Alberta Institute of Technologies Edmonton, Alberta
Taught the full set of UNIX Administrator courses offered at the NAIT Microcomputer Institute.

Senior Applications Analyst Mar. 1997 - Jul. 1997
ArborText, Inc. Ann Arbor, Michigan
As a Senior Applications Analyst for Arbor Text, produced SGML solutions with ArborText software, provided primary support to major customers on IBM AIX RS6000 and Windows PC systems. Coordinated project activities of technical specialists, and recommended internal technical and process improvements for Sun Solaris and other UNIX systems involving shell scripting and PostScript.

Independent Consultant Nov. 1996 - Oct. 1997
various clients Ann Arbor, Michigan
Identified and implemented solutions based on Linux, Windows, and IP network services to meet corporate requirements for internal and external communication and information services. Arranged for easy maintenance of these solutions through careful design and knowledge transfer. Clients included a major Detroit area manufacturer and a large Detroit-based law firm.

New Media Architect Apr. 1995 - Dec. 1996
CareerSite Ann Arbor, Michigan
Designed and implemented World Wide Web user interfaces for the CareerSite product and Internet services using Perl 5 to construct many programs and participated in product and service definition and planning. Administrated SGI IRIX MIPS as well as Linux and Windows PC systems.

Technical Strategist Nov. 1992 - Apr. 1995
Ford Motor Company Dearborn, Michigan
Introduced World Wide Web technology for distribution of internal documents, resulting in a Ford Systems Excellence Award. Coordinated WWW project introductions across the company. Conducted HP, IBM, and at times Sun, Digital, and SGI vendor review meetings. Set up and administrated company and departmental Web servers.
Administrated workgroup Sun, Digital, HP, SGI systems. Consulted on other information technology deployment.

Customer Service Analyst Oct. 1988 - Oct. 1992
Cimage Corporation Ann Arbor, Michigan
Trained customers to use and administrate Cimage products on Sun, Digital, and IBM UNIX systems, and on PC systems, integrated and installed customer systems, planned and supported trade show demo network and systems and provided primary support to key customers. Also wrote software error reports and managed customer-ready product releases.

Volunteer Experience

Promoted and participated in Linux Installfest event with the Edmonton Linux User Group, September, 1998.

Coordinated SEMiSLUG system/network administrators' forum meetings 1994-1997. Arranged monthly presentations on cutting-edge technologies and moderated meetings. Operated group's Web site, http://www.semislug.org/.

Supported public M-Net and Arbornet UNIX-based conferencing systems from 1986-1993. Set up initial Web server at http://www.arbornet.org/.

Professional Memberships

Edmonton user groups EJUG (Java), ELUG (Linux), and UGE (UNIX)
Electronic Frontiers Foundation
Netscape Developer Program
SGI DevEdge

Professional Development

Informatics 1999 conference Oct. 1999
Canadian Information Processing Society Edmonton, Alberta
SEMiSLUG system administration forum Sep. 1991 - Jul. 1997
SEMiSLUG Ann Arbor, Michigan
Second International WWW Conference Oct. 1994
UIUC, NCSA Chicago, Illinois
Perl training May 1994
Tom Christiansen Dearborn, Michigan
First International World-Wide Web Conference May 1994
CERN Geneva, Switzerland
Avalanche SGML product training Jan. 1994
Avalanche (at Ford) Dearborn, Michigan
World Class Timing training Oct. 1993
Ford Motor Company Dearborn, Michigan
Interop interoperability conference Aug. 1993
Interop San Francisco, California
Distributed Computing Environment (DCE & DME) training May - Jun. 1993
University of Michigan Center for Information Technology Integration, Ford Motor Company, Digital Equipment Corp. Ann Arbor and
Dearborn, Michigan
USENIX Summer 1993 Technical Conference Jun. 1993
USENIX Association Cincinnati, Ohio
Skills #
year last
elapsed applied applied
  Operating Systems
UNIX and variants (AT&T SVR3, SVR4.x; BSD 3.x, 4.4; SCO; etc.) [specific instances indicated with "+" below] >10 >10 2003
+ Sun Solaris (SunOS 3.x, 4.x, 5.x) 9 5 2000
+ SGI (Silicon Graphics) IRIX 5.x, 6.x 5 3 1998
+ NeXT STEP 6 1.5 1996
Novell Netware 3.x, 4.x >10 2 1999
MS Windows 3.x/9x/NT >10 >10 2003
+ IBM RS6k AIX 6 2.5 1998
+ HP (Hewlett-Packard) HP/UX 5 2 1997
+ Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) Ultrix 6 5 2000
+ Digital/Compaq UNIX 2 1 1999
Apple Macintosh MacOS >10 >10 2002
Amiga Intuition 5 5 1996
x86/Pentium PC >10 >10 2003
Sun Microsystems SPARC & 680x0 7 5 1999
SGI (Silicon Graphics) MIPS 3 2 1996
NeXT 680x0 1.5 0.5 1995
IBM RS6000 6 2.5 1998
HP (Hewlett-Packard) PA-RISC (HP9000) 5 2 1997
Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) MIPS 6 4 2000
Digital/Compaq Alpha 2 0.5 1996
Apple 680x0 & PowerPC Macintosh >10 5 2002
Amiga 680x0 5 3 1996
  Computer Languages
Java 5 0.5 2003
Perl 4, 5 6 5 2003
SQL 7 1.5 2000
Tcl 2 0.5 2000
UNIX Shell (Bourne, C, Korn, BASH, etc.) >10 7 2003
UNIX C environment >10 7 2003
  Tools & technologies
AFS, DFS, NFS network filesystems >10 7 2003
CGI (also persistent e.g., mod_perl, NSAPI) 8 5 2003
DNS 9 6 2003
GNU tools 9 7 2003
HTML +, 2, 3.x 9 7 2003
Java (applets, servlets) 4 1.5 2003
LDAP 7 2 2003
LTSP (and Linux thin-clients generally) 2 2 2003
NIS 9 4.5 2003
OSF DCE 1.5 1 1996
PDF 5 2 2003
PostScript 6 3 2000
VRML, 3D modelling 2 0.75 1999
XML, SGML 8 3 2003
  Transports and Protocols
Cablemodem 5 2.5 2003
xDSL 3 2 2003
Ethernet 10b2, 100bTx, etc. >10 7 2003
FDDI 0.5 0.25 1995
HTTP 0.9, 1.x 6 4 2003
ISDN 2 1.5 2000
PPP & SLIP 6 2 2000
SMTP 6 4 2003
TCP/IP, UDP/IP >10 5 2003


Many references from employers, clients, and professional associates available upon request.