is the legacy of Iain O'Cain. The domain was purchased and maintained by him until his death in 2004.

The online community he fostered and nurtured lives on.

Welcome to is the result of Iain O'Cain's vision and work he did with friends and family to bring it into the world.  His hope was for an online community and the tools that would bring a community of friends and family together, to allow them to share ideas, to communicate, and to have space for their own endeavors. services accounts are available to IODOCA members.


The Domain Online Community Association is a society created to manage and be responsible for the domain, hardware and email accounts hosted at The goal of the society is:

To provide an online community in memory of Iain O'Cain
October 5, 1967 . August 17, 2004

More about the society: IODOCA

Intranet Resources

Intranet provides its members with:

  • Personal web sites (accessible through{account name}/)
  • Email accounts (IMAP4 or POP3 and SSMTP, or web mail), with SPAM filtering
  • Shell (command-line) access to their account
  • On-site backups performed nightly

There is information about support on the support page.


Help keep running by donating.

Donations to will be used to pay for hardware upgrades and internet connection costs. Thank you for your support!