is the legacy of Iain O'Cain. The domain was purchased and maintained by him until his death in 2004.

The online community he fostered and nurtured lives on. Online Domain Community Association

After Iain's memorial service in Edmonton, Iain's mother Mary Ellyn approached several of his local friends about helping to maintain and develop in his memory. As you may know, Iain was committed to the idea of online communities and that was his original intention when he registered

Since that day, his local friends have created a society to manage and be responsible for the domain, hardware and email accounts hosted there. The goal of the society is:

To provide an online community in memory of Iain O'Cain
October 5, 1967 . August 17, 2004


The society is called Domain Online Community Association (IODOCA) and is managed by a volunteer board of directors. The board currently consists of these members: Nels Lindquist, President; Mary Ellyn Cain, Vice President; William Stockall, Vice President; Chris Dailey, Treasurer; Robert Austen, Secretary; Darren Enders, Director; Neil McKellar, Director; Dulcie Meatheringham, Director.

To contact the board, email us at IODOCA-board (at)

The society holds an annual general meeting.... etc.

There are two sub-commitees:

  • Website Committee

  • Server Maintenance Committee. They maintain a change log.

For account holders

All current holders of email addresses may continue to keep and use these addresses in perpetuity.

All current holders of email addresses may join the IODOCA. Membership is completely OPTIONAL.

Announcements regarding the current status of are posted on the LiveJournal community: Members and account holders may wish to join or monitor this community. If account holders are having trouble with their account, they may also post there. Please note that the volunteers taking care of the machines monitor this community in their spare time.

Holders of email addresses may occasionally receive email announcements regarding the status of from the intranet-users (at) email address.

About membership in the society

Membership in the association requires (according to the Societies Act of Alberta, 36(1)) members to provide the following information:

Full name and residential address

This personal information will not be shared with any third party. However, a member of the society may request a list of the membership, but the society would only supply that information if it was to be used for matters relating to the affairs of the society. It is therefore not likely to happen.

Members can participate in the Annual General Meeting and run for a position on the board. The AGM is announced by email at least one month in advance.

To become a member, a current member must sponsor you by vouching and providing the required information. The request then goes to the board, who has five days to approve or not approve the membership request.


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